Who We Are

My name is Dr. Ava Eagle Brown.

After a nasty divorce and losing nearly £100000 in a bad business deal, I found myself in a place of depression for almost a year. During that time, I needed something to keep me distracted but not cost me a penny. Frankly, at that time funds were at its lowest low. I ventured into making homemade body and hair products but this was just for personal use. I liked the calmness that I felt, just standing and watching the melted butter transform into a creamy rich looking almost ice cream mixture. It felt somewhat like I was watching my darkness disappear, it was therapeutic.

Fast forward and I landed in Belfast. I quickly realised that it was a struggle to find hair products, but while in conversation with some ethnic minority persons who've lived there longer than I have, there was evidently an opportunity. It was like God was looking down on me, as I ended up in a meeting at Ulster Bank. There they mentioned partnering with Crowdfund to back female entrepreneurs and their businesses. The pen dropped and I had a light bulb moment.

It was there the idea of bringing my test kitchen to a bigger audience but with love, care and compassion came to life. I have always had a brand called Ava's Kitchen, its aim was food therapy and in some ways, I feel that is exactly what I am doing at Chakai.

I've always had a deep passion for helping people. Through the years I've taken notice of how difficult it can be for women (and men) to get all natural, organic, 'Good FOR You' hair and skin care products. This sparked a flame which soon grew into Chakai.

With Chakai I made a non-negotiable decision to create a unique brand that combines the passions of ethnic hair, beauty, authenticity, personal empowerment, culture, and modern convenience - All with the added touch of everything being handmade. We want to be in control of each ingredient that goes into each of our products starting with our Velvet Skin & Hair Butters..

Join me with Chakai and rediscover how to treat your skin and hair with that care they naturally deserve.


Need help? Contact me directly at Ava@Chakai.co.uk