Reviews & Testimonials

All Reviews & Testimonials are copied straight from customers who have used our products and pasted here without any edits.

"So the samples arrived yesterday, thank you. I wash my hair last night and applied the mango butter after I combed, sectioned and saturated my hair. I LOVE IT!! The smell and the consistency are perfect. As my hair is a mixture of maybe 3-4 textures it was amazing for creating definition where the hair is really frizzy and kinky, however where my hair is finer and ringlet/s-shaped curls it was a bit too much which is ok because that is to be expected (I usually need more water based product for these areas). I had mentioned before that I’m braided my hair today so it has really helped seal in the moisture and made it easier to manage. Plus the light bit of added weight it gives also gives my hair more stretch and movement. In a few weeks when I take out my braids I would like to buy a full size tub and use with my flaxseed curling custard because I feel they will" - Maryam Ahmed

"Good day Ava!! Im back and just collected Chakai!! Thank you so much, such a beautiful product , you shld be proud of!! The mango smells amazing!!Simone


"Just used the mango butter in my hair it's great! Helps with the tangles even which surprised me! Smells good too and hair has a good shine" Jo Thompson


"Hi Ava - my daughter has stolen it! She loves it! Loves the smell, says it makes her skin super soft & uses it on her hair ends to make them sleek & shiny!Dawn Bebe, Crowdfund CEO



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