About Us

The name Chakai was created when my son Mikhel Kai was born and I was considering covering a scar on my breast.

I decided that if I were to have a tattoo I would want something that represents both my children and so Chakai was formed: my daughter Chardonae drew a tattoo design for me but my fear in tattoos led to that idea being abandoned however the name still resonated. It symbolises my WHYS the kids that came out of my WOMB.

At Chakai we made a non- negotiable decision that we want to create a unique brand that combines our passion for ethnic hair, beauty, authenticity , empowerment, culture, modern convenience but more importantly handmade. We want to be in control of each ingredient that goes into the HANDMADE products starting with our body butters.

Join us and rediscover how to treat your hair with that care it naturally deserves .

Chakai email is ava@chakai.co.uk